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  Ningbo valve factory a widely renowned name in China! Over 50 years’ efforts we have created it into a stolid & relible community naturing its limitless furture and dynamic business opportunity.
  Glory Trace
  Ningbo is so far the most dynamic export city in esternly China and Ningbo valve factory is situated right at the nearby suburb.
  In early 1955, China Indurstrial Ministry granted Money to build a Factory produces China Valve.
  1959 company was formally founded and products have been bit by bit spreading all round China and them was frequently commented by the relented enterprises and organizations.
  By 1963, the first serie products was exported to Ex soviet Union.
  1995, as an industrial machinery company we passed all the test of IsO9001 organization, all the machining procedures must strickly adhere to it.
  2003 company was very successful in reshuffling herself into co-operation company, entirely merged hereself into global marketing scheme in the new century poses new looks to the new global environment.
  2007 to improved our competition in marketing, the company invest three valve plants in Dong'ou Industrial Park,Oubei Town,Wenzhou.
  Marketing strategy
  Looking back the past and link all of our history to the current situation, we have devised a considerate blueprint for the following 20 years. China today is developing with the quickest pace in the world,however, in rather long a period of time China’s development must be emport-oriented, import-conbined and co-operation indispensalbe. our company is also matching with mainstream, Progress with the global atmosphere.
  To employee management:we treat every one equil, To inspire their potential to work is to create higher efficency shall be our permanent guide.
  To production management: strictly adhereing to the instructions of IsO-9001quality system, instructions of partner and meanwhile conbine our own innovations,final higher performance of productsis our insistent pursuit.
  To marketing management:To try the best to produce with machines and techniques most advanced in the world, to product the best valves, to win market shares with stable and reliable quality is Ningfa People’s conviction.
  NVF Atmosphere
  Lare array of of devoted engineers and designers born and contribute here in Ningbo Valve Factory, one generation to another, endlessly and limitlessly.

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NVF was found in 1959, we are professional in manufacturing forged steel and cast steel valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve and so on.