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Cast steel Valves

Cast Steel Gate Valves
Cast steel Gate Valves
Class 150~1500 Cast steel Gate Valve PN16~40 DIN Non-Rising stem Gate Valve F15 series
Class 150~600 Parallel slab Gate Valve PN63~160 DIN Rising stem Gate Valve F7 series
Class 900~2500 Pressure seal Gate Valve PN16~40 DIN Rising stem Gate Valve F5 series
Class 150 Knife Gate Valve Class 150~600 Bellows Gate Valve

Cast Steel Globe Valves
Cast steel Globe Valves
Class 150~1500 Cast steel Globe Valve PN40 DIN Globe stop Valve F1 series
Class 900~2500 Pressure seal Globe Valve PN64 DIN Globe Valve F2 series
PN40 DIN Angle Globe stop Valve F32 series PN16~40 DIN Globe Valve F1 series
PN16~40 DIN Angle Globe Valve F32 series PN16~40 DIN Bellows Globe Valve

Cast Steel Butterfly Valves
Cast steel Butterfly Valves
Class 125~300 Triple Offset Metal-seal Butterfly Valve PN6~PN16 Flanged Expansion Butterfly Valve
PN6~PN16 Wafer Type soft-seal Butterfly Valve
PN6~PN16 Flanged Type soft-seal Butterfly Valve
PN6~PN10 Flanged Type Teflon-seal Butterfly Valve

Cast Steel Check Valves
Cast steel Check Valves
Class 900~2500 Pressure seal Check Valve PN16~40 DIN swing Check Valve F1 & F6 series
Class 150~1500 swing Check Valve Class 150~600 Lift Check Valve
Class 150~300 Dual Disc swing Check Valve
PN16~40 DIN Lift Check Valve

Cast Steel Ball Valves
Cast steel Ball Valves
Class 150~600 Floating Ball Valve Class 150~1500 2PC Thread Ball Valve
Class 150~1500 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Class 150~1500 3PC Thread Ball Valve
Class 150~300 Three-Way Ball Valve Class 150~600 Wafer Ball Valve
Class 150~900 1 PC Thread Ball Valve Class 150~2500 Needle Valve

Cast Steel Plug Valves
Cast steel Plug Valves (Class 150~900)
Inverted Pressure Balance Lubricated Plug Valve Eccentricity Plug Valve
sleeve Type soft sealing Plug Valve
Orbit Plug Valve  
Flanged Connection Lift Plug Valve

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NVF was found in 1959, we are professional in manufacturing forged steel and cast steel valves, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve and so on.